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  • A quarter of the total Chinese food industry profit growth of nearly 8%
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    In new network on 22 May, (reporter Yan Xiaohong) Chinese Light Industry Information Centersaid on 22 March this year, the national food industry completed a total gross profit increased by 7.94%.

    In the food industry total profit, total profit of convenience food manufacturing accounted for a total profit of a food industry into six, an increase of 1.43%; seasoning, fermentation products manufacturing an increase of approximately 9%; bakery manufacturing grew five year-on-year growth of 1.16%; dairy products; candy, chocolate and candied fruit production year-on-year negative growth of 1.74%; canning an increase of approximately 15 to five. In addition to chocolate candy confection manufacturing declined slightly, the total profit of the other sub sectors are positive growth.

    The first quarter, Guangdong, Henan, Tianjin, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces to achieveprofits in the food industry before five, accounted for the national total profits 50% eight profit in the area. In addition, many provinces in the country to achieve profit growth of more than the industry average, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region year-on-year growth of three to two, ahead of other provinces.

    From the registration of various types of enterprises, domestic enterprises total profit accounted forsix of the total profit of seven, an increase of one to nine; total profits of foreign funded enterprisesaccounted for two to three, fell into a three; Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan investment enterprisestotal profit accounted for nearly 10 percent, an increase of approximately 4%.

    The other from different size enterprises, large enterprises to complete the cumulative total profitaccounted for four to five, an increase of 1.41%; small and medium enterprises accounted for three to two, an increase of one to nine; medium-sized enterprises accounted for two to three, an increase of approximately 8%. During the period, a large proportion of the total profits ofenterprises realized profits of large, small enterprises to achieve rapid growth in profits. (Beijing Financial Channel)